What we have achieved?

Night Blindness Epidemic in The Thatta

Initially in the year 2011, we were working in fulfilling malnourished night blinded children with Food Supplements which were without any side-effects. The results were positive on the children with meager resources.
The second phase came by chance, when a local channel flashed a report of Federal Ministry for Health conducted National Nutrition Survey Program, 2011 and informed that 16% population of our country is suffering from malnutrition which direct result is Night Blindness (VAD). The district of Thatta was reported for the epidemic. The report was telecast on a National Network concluded that the spread is common among innocent children and aged.
The medical team under the supervision of our Dr. Shamoon Bahadur was given assignment by the foundation to reach the distressed and poverty-stricken village and he was surprised to witness that the majority of village habitants are reduced to eat salt, spice and bread in meals, which was a main cause of their disease.
The team made initial check-ups and procedural measures for the selection of batch of children for treatment in our foundation. Initially, we selected 15-children to be sent to vitreoretinal surgeon Dr. Harris Shehzad of Shehzad Eye Hospital, Karachi for the diagnosis and confirmation of the disease. The Medical Records were prepared before the administration of the curative measures.
These children with others were raised to the total of 50 by the foundation, and they were repeated with Nutrition and Treatments with positive results. On the completion of the administration, the healing patients were sent to Dr. HARIS SHEHZAD for certifications of the outcomes, and it was a rejoicing moment for the team when the results came out to be 100% positive.Now the treated children are totally rehabilitated and living their full lives having an ability to see at night.