Why we started?

In 1990, I was awarded Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Engineering University Lahore. I was parent’s single son and hoped for the distribution of their livelihood with honor.
My Almighty Allah had something more for me! He wanted to put on the anvil of a great challenge, where I was to experience incurable eye ailment Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) which ordinarily my counterparts would have never experienced. Firstly, it started with Night Blindness and ended with total blindness.
The doctors were of the opinion for my complete lifetime vision impairment, which was totally not acceptable to a young man. Here, it was the beginning of mission against eye ailments leading to total blindness, and I started to find for the cure without any hope of success.
I have dedicated more than two decades of my life for the cause and now by the grace of Almighty sharing my success with my friends and dedicated team.
Initially, we found two major causes of Blindness which starts form Night Blindness; one cause of Night Blindness is RP which is still incurable. The other major cause of Night Blindness is deficiency of Vitamin A due to Malnutrition.
I have discovered the Night Blindness (VAD) caused by Malnutrition treatment with outstanding results under the recommended guidelines of UNO & WHO and started with the recovery of hundreds of Children of Thatta District with the Certification of Vetrio Retinal Surgeon Dr. Haris Shehzad of my success.
Now, it is a time to turn my individual efforts towards an institution, which can endlessly serve humanity even I may not be with you.
The Vision Foundation is committed to save human capital of Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness.
This foundation is tasking to provide free eye care to the less privilege and to affording patients with comprehensive state-of-the-art technology with total servitude to Almighty Allah for his blessings.
This is a humble beginning towards a larger mission, which needs you to participate to save the millions of children sufferer of night Blindness caused by Malnutrition (VAD) before they turn into complete blindness.