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WAK Eye Hospital

AK EYE HOSPITAL will be first Hospital in Pakistan and Research Centre which will work for eradication of Night blindness by save millions of Night Blind (VAD) children from complete blindness particularly from the most neglected areas of Pakistan like Thatta Et Tharr at their doorstep. It will be one of the most cost effective, centre of excellence and preferred provider in ophthalmic care for every member of community without discrimi-nation. It will be complete eye hospital of 50 beds with all the advanced facilities and will provide treatment Et surgeries to all eye diseases like Cataract, Glaucoma and other Retinal diseases. It will provide services by the most dedicated Et professional Eye Consultants. It will be a Centre of Hope as will be the first Research institute for RP Et other Retinal Dystrophies in concern with World Research Center. Our core values will be our concern, commitment, integrity, transparency and quality.
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Retinal Research Centre

Major reasons for increasing eye ailments Especially retinal diseases in Pakistan due to Illiteracy, poverty, deficiency of vitamins in food. To reduce the burden of blindness Vision Foundation House decided to construct new block in WAK Eye Hospital. In which all diagnostic Of eye ailments and all type of eye surgeries will be available under one roof. Retinal research department and placenta bank for stem cell therapy will be established in this block. It is a huge task but not possible for this blind man alone. I request to all philanthropist, students and public support us in this mission.
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Blood Bank for Malnourished Ladies

Purpose of establishment of blood bank at R.H.C. Gharo is to provide urgent and immediate Blood Transfusion to the malnourished women during pregnancy or at the time of child birth. Because every day malnourished women dies due to blood loss and unavailability of blood transfusion facility. Blood Bank can be rightly called as a life saving bank. Vision Foundation has achieved a new land mark in their noble cause which proves that if we work on emergency basis, millions lives of women and children can be saved.